Pisces Sunday on a night sky background

Don't let your optimism falter - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, March 28, 2021

It's a good period to make some extra money through your skills and/or knowledge


We foresee a very tender and romantic Sunday for Pisces who are in a relationship. Harmony and complicity will reign. Displays of affection will transmit love and protection.  Passion will be present but enveloped in a halo of romance where caresses and kisses will stand out.

We foresee strong arguments with close relatives over financial matters. Whether it’s an inheritance, a loan or giving money for a lift, you won’t reach an agreement. Instead of becoming stuck on trying to prove to other that you’re right, you should leave that matter aside today and try again tomorrow, when the dust has settled.

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You’ll think about making some extra money through that which you’re good at: babysitting, tutoring, doing small jobs, IT repairs... Spread the word among your neighbours and you’ll be surprised when you end the day with several requests.

This extra money might also come from your job, when they ask you to work overtime for a specific period. Although you won’t want to, this extra money will come in very handy, plus, they’ll approach you the next few times they need help.

You might get carried away with your credit card while walking through an artisanal market, when you buy several objects you’re interested in.


You won’t get carried away by the bad mood some people’s attitudes or arguments might cause. You’ll put a wall between them and your mod, thus protecting your positivity and optimism.

You won’t have lots of energy today, but you won't wear yourself out either. You’ll have the necessary vitality to do what you want to do. No more and no less.

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