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Careful with overusing sarcasm - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, January 28, 2021

Have you become too nitpicky with your partner and make a fuss over the smallest things? Perhaps this is because you no longer love them


Many things are going on in your relationship, you’re communicating a lot (or at least you should be), sharing a lot of experiences, etc. Some Pisces need to learn to tell what truly matters from what doesn’t. You fixate on words that you didn’t like, and which your partner has already apologized for. You really shouldn’t spend your whole day mulling over things (unless they have disrespected you, in which case you should end the relationship).

What the Horoscope means to say is that, if you get lost in these small things and let them make you bitter, you’ll be missing out on all the great and wonderful things in your relationship. If you obsess over things and start overanalyzing them, it might be simply that you’re no longer in love, and looking for an excuse to fight.

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Careful with the information you share on social media, it’s practically impossible to get rid of it once it has been uploaded.  Perhaps your personal choices should be that, personal. Of course, we are all free to share what we please, so long as it isn’t meant to hurt anyone. But you need to be aware of the dangers that could come from posting certain things.

Your company or you yourself might suffer a cyber-attack or hacking that could leak and expose your confidential information. This attack is likely to come from within and from someone who is trying to destroy all of your hard work, stay alert Pisces.


The full moon in Leo shines in your area of health, but it has tense aspects with the rest of today’s birth chart. Your communication style might be very hurtful and irony and sarcasm will create more than a few wounds around you.

Your body will be tense, nervous and you won’t be able to sit still for more than a few minutes.

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