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Keep your advice to yourself or you'll mess things up - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, December 28, 2020

Aromatherapy will help you reduce the anxiety and stress caused by areas will low vibrations


It’s a tense day in your love life and with your children. The “T quadrant” between Venus, Neptune and the moon will cloud your mind and you’ll be misunderstood by those around you, because you’ll express your ideas and thoughts inadequately. It might also happen that you’ll be too critical of or overreact to one of your partner’s or children’s actions or opinions.

There could especially be arguments which will make you say the dreaded phrase “when I was little my parents didn’t let me...”. Or perhaps there’ll be a clash between what your child wants to study and what you wish they would study. Remember that it’s their life and they need to make their own path.

You also won't be good at giving advice, so if someone in your inner circle asks for it, it’s better to keep it to yourself and bite your tongue.

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We foresee many obstacles for entrepreneurs and Pisces who have their own business. Especially if they import and export products. There could also be misunderstandings and mistakes with orders, bills, emails and commercial contracts.

If you had a trip planned, you’ll have to cancel it due to family issues or unexpected circumstances at work or in your company.

Your finances won’t be negatively impacted so long as you avoid making complex investments, new commercial agreements or loan or mortgage requests today.


You’ll be responsible with your body and you’ll try to make every meal in the day balanced and varied. Take this opportunity to stop drinking fizzy and sugary drinks which only harm your body.

If the atmosphere at home is charged with negativity, soften it with pleasant smells by burning natural incense or aromatic candles. Some scents that help to this end are lavender, acai, jasmine and rose.

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