Pisces Horoscope Sunday 2020

A tense day where sparks will fly - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, September 27, 2020

Your communication style might become too agressive and temperamental, be careful with what you say and how you say it


Pisces, you must be careful and not get carried away by the available energies. This Sunday Mars is in a tense aspect with Pluto and Saturn, and they are in a tense aspect with Mercury.

In conversation with your loved ones, friends or general surroundings you’ll defend your beliefs and opinions on social and political matters tooth and nail, and you might even lose your cool. Not in an aggressive way, but with strong arguments and monumental grudges.

You’ll find some solace in your partner who will know how to calm you down. But your anger with the world won't vanish. Even then, seeing that your beloved hugs you when you need it will make you feel better (even if you don’t notice it straight away).

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The atmosphere will be in turmoil and tension might be felt in every area of society and in your life in general. If you feel you’re stuck in your job and can't stand it anymore, you’ll tear down the walls and you’ll want to be free. You’ll face your superiors if need be, just to stand up for your rights.

Your time will become an urgent priority for you, and you’ll want to handle it your way. That is, by spending it doing things you want to do, working on the job you want to work in, and being with the people you love.

If you have a chance, you’ll start partaking in events linked to demanding financial improvements, such as demonstrations or signing petitions for amendments to the law.

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You’ll experience the collective tension of the moment. The energies will be very strong and vibrant.  Sparks will fly over the smallest of things and you’ll quickly send anyone who bothers you packing.

You’ll need to exercise for at least one or two hours and to meditate in order to calm down. Plus, avoid drinking caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee. And before you go to sleep, take a relaxing infusion.

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