Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll be at the mercy of other people's actions - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Good astral aspects in your financial area, you'll start making money and you might even make some savings


Your partner’s ex might reappear in their lives to try and be friends with them. Deep down you know that person in still in love with your partner and that they're real intentions are different from what they say. But, Pisces, this isn’t your war.to fight. Your beloved will have to be the one to make things clear and set hard boundaries for that person.

If they truly love you, they won't hesitate for a second to make your relationship a priority and to cut all ties with their ex. But if they state the opposite, then perhaps it's time to seriously evaluate your relationship.

A friend will want to talk to you regarding a problem they’re really struggling with. Although it might not seem like much from an outside perspective, try to put yourself in their position before pronouncing a harsh judgement.

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When it comes to today’s negotiations, you’ll have to look at things from different points of view in order to find a balance and reach an agreement with your partners, clients or employees.  Words and understanding will be your best tools to try and make everyone happy.

Plus, if you’re in charge of managing processes, then success is ensured for any of your projects.

You’ll start recovering money and you might even be able to start saving up. If you have a clear savings goal, then you’ll find it easier to reach. Also set aside a fixed amount of money for your whims and stick to it.


Your spine might be overloaded. Be very careful when lifting weights, watch your posture and how you spread the weight over your body. Do stretching when you notice you need to rest. This way you’ll avoid an injury which might leave you bed-ridden for several days.

Menstrual or premenstrual pains might be especially intense today for women. Raspberry leaf tea can help you alleviate these symptoms as it’s a natural anti-inflammatory.

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