Pisces Saturday on a night sky background

You'll get carried away by your basic instincts - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, March 27, 2021

Venus will be on the side of those who want to get back together with their ex. You'll be able to save your love.


A new love will barge into your life to upend it. It will be a somewhat crazy encounter, full of passion, intensity and enthusiasm. You’ll get carried away by illusion and it will give you time to think about the future. All the better, Pisces, because it will become a beautiful memory from an ephemeral experience.

This situation will take place whether you’re single or in a relationship. The most open ones might even experience this love together with their life partner.

If you’re a Pisces who is trying to get back together with their ex, you’ll miss out on this new love for the sake of re-establishing your old relationship. Yes, Venus is on your side to reach an agreement between you and try to make your love last forever once more.

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Are you expecting a parcel from a faraway country? Perhaps it’s being held in customs, and they will ask you to pay tax to release it. This will make the product you bought become more expensive, and it will delay things even further. But these setbacks won’t put you off, as it’s something very exclusive you fell in love with at first sight.

You need to enjoy your job and achievements more. Don’t downplay your victories, you’ve worked very hard to achieve them and must celebrate them in full.

Pisces who work from home whether creating things with their own hands, or through an online business, will be especially clever.


You’ll feel a whirlwind of intense feelings which will overwhelm you like a tsunami. You’ll get carried away by your most basic instincts and you’ll enjoy every second of new experiences. You won’t be assailed by remorse, so you’ll sleep with a clear conscience.

Your physical health will accompany you and you won’t be bothered by any discomfort this Saturday.

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