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Before you can reap you must first sow - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, January 27, 2021

You need to revitalize your love life, feel butterflies in your tummy again


Pisces who have settled for a bland relationship over the last few months, will no longer be able to stand it. The global situation affects everyone but you shouldn’t let it impact your relationship. You’ll need commitment from your partner in order to regain the joy of doing things together.

Although the first few days you’ll be the one to pull the wagon the most, soon your beloved will jump on the bandwagon and adopt a very positive attitude. This will bring back a pleasant, dun and loving atmosphere to your home, which had turned grey. It will now be an explosion of colours and happiness.

A very close elderly relative will need your help. You’ll need to take on the responsibility of looking after them for a few days.

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It’s always great to reap and collect good results, but first you must always sow. Today is one of those days where you’ll have to plant the seeds of your effort, or create new contacts so you can later on rejoice in the rewards. On a professional and financial level this is a bountiful moment, little fish, make the most of it to sow what you think will lead you to success.

You’ll have to be moderate with your money. There are purchases you need to make, but if you get carried away by consumerism and start walking around stores and looking at display windows, then you’re very likely to end up spending a lot more than necessary. The best thing is to make a list of what you need and only get those things.


The moon in Cancer invites you to eat better, but being in opposition to Venus, you might get carried away by your sweet tooth. If you want to eat chocolate, make sure it is at least 80% cacao, this way you’ll benefit from the antioxidants in it while reducing your sugar intake.

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