Pisces Saturday on a night sky background

Being helpful doesn't mean being anyone's slave - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, February 27, 2021

Couples, marriages and partnerships will undergo a revision of the terms and conditions of their relationship


The full moon in Virgo which is taking place this morning touches the area of your birth chart of relationships and marriage. A phase closes in this sense, where you must have learned to be helpful without being anyone’s slave, and to see that nobody’s perfect, not even your partner. Looking after your beloved comes naturally to you, but if one of you is doing all the work in your relationship, you won’t get anywhere.

Many Pisces will have transformed their relationship into a healthier and more balanced one. And those who haven’t managed to do it, have put an end or will put an end to it over the next few days.

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Pisces who have business partners will notice the same energy which influences their relationships.  It’s a good time to sit down and go over your tasks and duties, and to make any necessary adjustments.

Healthcare professionals will feel very tired and even exhausted. And rightly so, you’re not invincible. You’re human beings doing your jobs. Thinking that doctors are superheroes deprives them of their human side and puts a huge responsibility on their shoulders which they shouldn't be carrying.


With Venus and the sun in your sign you’ll see clearly that the most important thing in your life is you. You’ll be aware of your battles and shortcomings. You’ll consider taking the necessary steps to change that which makes you unhappy.

Stress and some moments of anxiety might affect your intestines and give you indigestion.  Even then, before you go to the doctor’s you’ll want to finish all of today’s tasks at work.

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