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You need to clean and tidy up your home - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, December 27, 2020

Your health will be the main focus of the day, where you'll delve deep into the field of nutrition


Your attitude will be provocative and sensual, but rather authoritarian. If you’ve already played this roll in your relationship, there’ll be problems when having sex. But, if this is the first time, perhaps your words and gestures might lead to strong arguments with your beloved.

Single Pisces, you’ll have a somewhat aggressive and too abrupt expression when trying to hook up. This, together with your rather haughty behaviour, no one will want to approach you with romantic intentions.

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The astrological aspects give you a special ability to organize and tidy up, due to which this is a good day to sort out your house. Plus, you’ll find it relatively easy to get rid of unnecessary objects.

You can also make the most of it to plan your work schedule for next week or create the weekly meal plan.

You’ll have a very good memory, so this will be ideal for students who have an exam in the coming weeks (especially if it’s linked to philosophy or foreign languages). If you have to prepare to give a conference or present a project.

However, your sense of originality will be somewhat dulled.


The planets will make you interested in health and hygiene.  This can lead to you ending up buying or reading books and essays on nutrition, sports or some specific illness online. You might even be interested in watching first aid videos, which is always good to know.

When it comes to cleaning, you might become somewhat paranoid trying to disinfect your whole house with a cloth, water and bleach. Be careful with the fumes from the cleaning products and remember that under no circumstances should you mix them.

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