Pisces Friday on a night sky background

A unique piece joins your collection - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, February 26, 2021

If your ego and narcissism take over today, you should try to practice humility


A toxic reaction which you thought you had gotten over resurfaces without you noticing it. Therefore, your partner might disappear for a few hours or start packing up their bags just to scare you. The truth is that, once they point it out, you’ll realize your mistake and you’ll apologize over and over. If you haven’t been able to eradicate think kind of act by yourself by becoming aware of them, then the best thing you can do is seek help from a therapist.

Single Pisces will decide to test their seduction skills just to see if they still got it. Perhaps you’ll have to update some of your romantic lingo, but you’ll adapt quickly, and you’ll see that your skills still work to perfection.

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You’ll have a somewhat despotic and haughty attitude at work and in your profession. You’ll feel superior to your colleagues and clients, and this will show. Most of them will ignore your advice on how to do things and what’s right and wrong, just to avoid arguing.

But you might meet someone who won’t let you tread all over their opinions, which will lead to a heated argument. As it is to be expected, this will cause problems on a professional level.

Pisces who love collecting things will find a unique item that will make their pupils dilate. Make sure this is a genuine item and not a counterfeit before you pay for it.


Your haughty attitude is proof of a mind controlled by ego. You need a reality check and to eat some humble pie so you can go back to being yourself.

Before you eat anything, you have at hand, make sure you’re hungry as, most often it isn’t hunger but thirst.

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