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You'll enjoy great physical health - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, December 26, 2020

With Mars back to its normal speed in an aspect with Pluton and Saturn, a transformation arrives through your studies


Your desire to pack your bags is through the roof with Mars in Aries in your area of the unfamiliar. But you won’t be in the mood for a romantic or family trip, but one as part of a group of friends and with your partner (if you have one). You might even already on a trip, if you’ve been feeling this energy for a few days now.

Although you won’t want to spend the whole day attached to your spouse, you’ll create moments of intimacy where you’ll enjoy your love. Although you’ll be to straight to the point and this might bother your life partner, if you haven’t paid much attention to them throughout the rest of the day.

A period of the month opens up where those who are single might find love in a friendship they’ll make abroad, or with someone from another country. Although with Venus in an aspect with Neptune, you’ll have the usual problem: you’ll idealize this person too much.

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You’ll be interested in some form of higher education on philosophy, science, literature or other intellectual studies.  For this reason, it’s a good moment to consider doing a degree, master’s degree, PhD or advanced course come springtime. You’ll better understand the concepts explained to you, you won’t struggle to transfer them to the real world to put them into practice.

You’ll have great ease for languages, you should make the most of this occasion to have an official foreign language examination, or to start that language course you’ve been putting off and which is so necessary nowadays.


You’ll experience many deja vus, your intuition will be very strong, and you might even have premonitory dreams and visions.

Your physical health will be excellent, Pisces, and your desire for fun will be present through the whole of Saturday. Careful with your alcohol intake, because your liver will be very sensitive and the effect it will have on your body will be maximized.

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