Pisces Horoscope Friday 2020

New perspectives and projects arise - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, September 25, 2020

Your body is talking but you don't pay attention to it, you need to pay more attention to your physical health


These last few months have shaken you in terms of your friendships, teamwork, community, health, routines and work.  But you’ve also had to let go or reinvent relationships of all kinds which have transformed your life.

You've had to leave behind (whether you wanted to or not) old habits, people and bonds which were no longer useful, or which no longer nurtured you.

There are new beginnings, and this is always exciting. Remember to keep your self-confidence, your trust in what you want and in what makes you happy. This day is a good day to be grateful for what you’ve left behind, everything you’ve learned, and to smile at the sight of who you are today and who accompany you in this phase.

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A phase is finally coming to a close at work.  You’ll finish a project or business deal you’ve been working on.

If you haven’t changed jobs because you’re happy where you are, you’ll soon find new prospects, or you’ll have to start working in other more interesting areas or proposals.

Those who are unemployed will be more self-assured and confident in what they want, if they move a little in their local community, they’ll find a job.

On a financial level, you’re not getting the profits or savings that you want, but it will be because you spend most of your money on whims and purchases.

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Your body has given your clear warnings that you should start looking after your health, have you listened to it? If you haven’t you might have a big fright. It’s time to start looking after yourself, no ifs or buts. The stars won't allow you to keep neglecting your health.

You know there’s no going back, that you must prioritize your diet and healthy routines. Go for it, Pisces!