Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Good fortune and abundance come to you - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, November 25, 2020

A day of spirituality, deep reflections will be your favourite subject


It’s a day filled with happiness and rejoice in your love life. You have great sexual intensity and a great desire to enjoy pleasure and your partner’s company several times this Wednesday. Your libido will increase at unexpected times, such as while cooking, or perhaps even while dusting. You also won’t finish watching that film you had put on after dinner. Passionate interruptions will be the star of the day.

Single Pisces have everything they need to get a partner who satisfies the fire they feel burning inside today, and further down the line, see if it could become a stable relationship.

The recent arrival of the sun in Sagittarius enhances your parental side, and you’ll want to spend lots of time with your children.

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Venus in combination with the planet of expansion, Jupiter, brings you good news.  Good luck smiles upon you today in the areas of investment and work. When it comes to making big purchases or investments, your sixth sense will be on point, and you’ll achieve great financial benefits.

You could achieve profit and riches from ruined assets or barren lands, transforming and renovating them to then sell them.

At work, your optimistic attitude, honesty and desire to overcome challenges will lead to success. For this reason, it is a great day to attend job interviews, apply for a new job or start new projects, as they will progress practically on their own.

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Your way of perceiving and speaking of spirituality and death will evolve, if during Scorpio’s season you’ve worked on your perception of life, is it something merely material or does the soul truly exist? Your beliefs regarding this will change as you talk to spiritual, religious and mystical people whom you're destined to meet soon.

Through your own experiences and intuition, you’ll find some answers that will bring you peace, but you’ll find even more questions on which you need to keep pondering.