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Help others with your magic and skills - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, December 25, 2020

You'll have to work miracles in order to keep the peace throughout the Christmas meal


Enthusiasm and passion will mark your relationship on this very special day where magic and love envelop the world. Although it’s a day to enjoy with your family, there will also be moments of intimacy to play with your partner.

You’ll be able to make it more fun and you might even use aphrodisiac foods for dinner tonight. Whipped cream, chocolate cream, an ice cube to contrast the warmth of the skin... And don’t forget the blindfold!

When it comes to single Pisces, the sky foresees them being smitten over the upcoming days, as the stars indicate there’ll be a new romantic beginning. It’s still too soon to tell if this will be a long-lasting love, but everything indicates it could be.

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If you've been studying magic or divination this year, it would be great if you put it on the table, surrounded by friends and relatives. Surely, they have many questions regarding how thing s will be next year, or perhaps they need advice on how to transform their reality and find their path.

Although you want to set boundaries to avoid talking about work, politics and society, truth is that these boundaries will be breached within minutes. You’ll have to find a balance between defending your ideals, expressing your experience and preserving the amicable Christmas atmosphere.


Your overall health will be somewhat fragile, and several external agents might lower your defences. Avoid exposure to the pollution caused by vehicles on the road, to smoke in general (especially tobacco) and don’t bite your nails (quit this bad habit now, if you have it).

To boost your immune system, we recommend having home-made orange juice for breakfast, snacking on nuts and seeds and having stir-fried broccoli with garlic for dinner.

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