Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

Your relationship will demand more commitment - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, September 24, 2020

Given the planetary tensions a theft is likely to take place, keep your possessions close


Your relationship requires greater commitment or surrender on your part.  You’ve been doing it for days now, but your partner will want to seriously talk about commitment, about taking a step forward. Accept what you believe necessary and what makes you happy, if need be request advice from your closest circle. The important thing is not to give in to actions or requests that you're not comfortable with.

You’ll learn about your ex through a friend. They have only good things to say about you and they claim to regret not having tried harder in your relationship. If you’re single and want to reach out to them, now’s a good time to give them a call and get together for a cup of coffee. In their vibrations you’ll realize if a reconciliation is truly possible.

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At work it’ll be a day of reflections. Some decisions you’ve made throughout this month have been very drastic and perhaps the results haven’t been as expected. Perhaps you would have liked to do things differently, Pisces, but regretting things is pointless. The important thing is to take note of your mistakes and learn from them.

Careful, if you have your own business with a physical store or a place where you keep materials, you're likely to suffer a theft. Someone has been watching your comings and goings and will use the early hours of the morning to commit a theft and take all the things of value they can find.

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A stomach bug is going around, and you’ll be liable to catch it too. The ideal thing would be to wear a face mask today. Eating natural yoghurt, kefir water or sauerkraut will help you keep a healthy gut.

On a mental level you’ll be strained by many thoughts and reflections.