Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

Good synchronicity and a lot of passion in your love life - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, October 24, 2020

You'll be very coquettish and, although you'll have good self-esteem, you'll want to look splendid and majestic


Love and passion will be the stars of the day.  You’ll be willing to take the reins of the day and plan activities you want to do but which you can share with your partner.

There’ll be good synchronicity between you, and mutual love will be noticeable in every glance, in every kiss, and in every smile. From outside, others will envy you and will pray they can find a love like yours.

If you're single, your magnetism and sensuality will be amplified, and this will attract a lot more glances than usual. You’ll be the centre of attention wherever you go, and you’ll love it, don’t deny it.

Pisces, this is a great day to go get Halloween costumes and decorations, especially if you have little ones!

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Although you’ll love what you see reflected in the mirror, you’ll want to enhance your beauty even more. If you’re going to go out and party, we recommend you take (or acquire) silver accessories (to echo the colour of the moonbeams): earrings, a necklace, a wristband... But not all of it at once, otherwise, being so heavily adorned will eclipse your natural light.  A hairstyling session will complete your look for an unforgettable party night.

A very close friend of yours won’t be able to afford drinks, so they’ll turn down any invitations you make them. But you have a kind and generous heart, and you’ll pay for anything they can't afford right now.

But be clever with your money, and, before you go out, get in cash the amount you’ve calculated you could spend today, this way you’ll avoid spending too much on your card.

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Your health will be great, and the stars will fill you with energy so you can fully enjoy this Saturday.  You just need to be careful with impulsively eating just out of gluttony, because you might regret them tomorrow when you feel really heavy.

On a mental level, your self-esteem will be through the clouds.