Pisces Wednesday on a night sky background

Your innovative ideas will spark envy - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, March 24, 2021

On a romantic level you'll feel like you're walking the tightrope, be affectionate towards your partner


You feel your relationship is not going right and that even the smallest misunderstanding could be the bomb that blows everything up into smithereens. Your partner also notices the tense atmosphere, so you should hold on to all the love you still feel for them and if you want to save your relationship, show them how much you love them.

Be kind, affectionate and romantic. Express your gratitude and remember all the positive things your loved one has to offer. Share these opinions out loud and restrain from making jokes which are actually veiled criticism. Today is a day to highlight what you have in common, not what bothers you.

Pisces who have recently ended their relationship or marriage won’t be able to reach satisfactory agreements with the other party. Perhaps you have to hire a lawyer to defend you interests.

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If you work in a cutting-edge area or in a company’s innovation department, you’ll have bold proposals; your team won’t object to them and they’ll get to work. Although these might seem crazy ideas or projects, truth is that you’ve weighed the potential risks and benefits very carefully.

Someone who doesn’t agree with your plans will criticize your idea behind your back, trying to turn your colleagues against you. They might even make up negative personal stories just to try and tarnish your reputation.


Before you consult a doctor to request anxiety medication, why don’t to try and manage your stress by yourself? Meditation, exercise, steering clear of negative people, and some natural remedies (such as linden or Valerian root infusions) could help you towards this goal.

The health of a sick relative might take a turn for the worse over the next few days, give them all your support and affection so they can feel comforted.

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