Pisces Wednesday on a night sky background

Pay attention to the signs from your guides and angels - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, February 24, 2021

You'll strive to see the day from an optimistic point of view and with a positive attitude


Today us one of those days where, although not everything is going as well as you’d like, you’ll be willing to fill your world with colour. You’ll shine from your own inner energy and you’ll be willing to try and maintain a positive attitude throughout this whole Wednesday.

This will be especially helpful for Pisces who have recently gone through a breakup, or who are single and still haven’t found their soul mate. Stop wallowing in self-pity, you need to move to action and the first step is making peace with and loving yourself.

Those who are in a relationship will also vibrate at a high frequency and will srive to look after their relationship by being attentive, affectionate and showing their partner that they love them.

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Pisces who work in telecommunications and technology will have a great day. Even those who communicate with loved ones who have passed to a different plane. You’ll have good and new opportunities if you’re unemployed. Don’t forget to update your portfolio and have an original resume ready to be sent at any given time.

The end of the month approaches and your financial situations worse than you expected. You’ll have to tighten your belt even more, in order to keep going until your income arrives.


Your sensitivity will make you more receptive when receiving messages from your guides, angels or a special person who is no longer with us. You’ll get a very clear sign which will help you make a decision, or simply to let you know that this person will be helping and looking after you, even if they’re no longer in this plane.

With the moon in your area of health, from noon your vitality and energy will combine with your optimism.

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