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Juicy family secrets are uncovered - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, December 24, 2020

You'll have a keen and sharp mind, perfect for networking or making profitable investments


Venus with no interfering aspects will give you peace and a desire for commitment. There’ll be a better predisposition to chatting with your partner about each other’s personal spaces and emotional needs. Although you should be especially careful with the use of some words, you might unintentionally offend your beloved.

During tonight’s dinner you might discover secrets that a close relative or sibling has been keeping from you. Pisces, before you attack and reproach, you should wait until you have as much information available as possible.

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In the morning Jupiter blesses you with good luck and success at work and in your investments (especially if they’re abroad or in a foreign company which operates in your country). You mind will be very awake, and your communication style will be intellectual, which will generate a special interest around you.

If you're unemployed and without interviews in sight, today’s the perfect day to write a personalized cover letter for that company you want to work at. Send it, in a few days you’ll get a call-back.

You still have some last-minute shopping to do, in order to have everything ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. So many people crowded in one place might overwhelm you, but you’ll go straight to the point and you already know where everything you need it, you’ll be quick, and you’ll get home on time.


Commitments and purchases, coming and going, will make you have to hold your pee, and this is something you have to avoid at all costs.  If you voluntarily delay the moment of going to the bathroom until you physically can’t hold it in, you’ll be exposing yourself to getting a urinary tract infection.

To avoid this, you should go to the bathroom whenever you feel like peeing, drink two litres of water a day, wear cotton underwear which allows the area to breathe and be meticulous with your hygiene.

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