Pisces Horoscope Monday 2020

You'll need to recharge your batteries through silence - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, August 24, 2020

You'll be conservative and unstoppable with your work, something that can be perceived differently by others


The idea of living alone and doing as you please will cross your mind from time to time today. Small but constant clashes with your partner will make you wish you were alone and in peace, making your own decisions without having to run them past anyone else.

To keep your mind off this topic you’ll need some space to be alone, where you feel comfortable and can enjoy your hobbies or small pleasures. A moment of mental peace will lead to the right conclusion that you shouldn't rush into anything.

Single Pisces will exchange glances and smiles with someone they often run into on their way to work or to their place of study. But you’ll feel it’s not the moment to break the ice yet.

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At work, rigidity and lack of flexibility in your today’s tasks can lead to two different outcomes: success or failure. Everything will depend on external factions which will be out of your control.

If you’re unemployed, a job opportunity is about to appear. It will be a position where all tasks will be very repetitive and boring, but it’ll be better than nothing.

Your adviser, although adamant on making certain transactions with your investments, will still not be able to talk you into making them. These days your intuition tells you that it’s better like this, so you’ll listen to it and you’ll follow it.

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You might realize your eyesight isn't as good as it used to be. You see worse by the day but refuse to go to the optician to get your eyesight checked. Any excuse will do to avoid making an appointment, and all because you're lazy!

On a mental level, all of today's conversations will feel like unbearable noise in your head. Silence will be the best cure.

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