Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Thanks to your charm you'll be the centre of attention - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Your negotiating and communication skills will give you answers and good agreements


The harmonious aspect between Mercury and the moon will give you a lot of empathy and sensitivity in your conversations. It’s a good moment to talk honestly with your partner and children and ask them if they're happy. You’ll be able to better understand their point of view and also give your opinion in a soft, careful and non-threatening way.

You’ll have a sensual appeal and a fascinating charm which will make you the centre of attention. Those who are single can use this energy to attract someone who had been in their thoughts for days. Put it’s also likely that an acquaintance will approach you with the aim of striking conversation to then get your contact details.

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The stars will also influence you with this sensitivity in your professional life (or in your hobbies). If you write songs, poetry, perform or dance, you’ll notice that everything flows today and that your audience is moved by your performance.

Your negotiating skills and intuition will be enhanced. So, it’s a good day to close deals o great investments (whether it’s personal or shared), and on subjects which have to do with your job (a salary raise or requesting different shifts or working shorter hours). Therefore, you’ll get benefits but not short-term. It will take at least a month before you start making profit.

Unemployed Pisces who have a job interview today shouldn’t worry (but they should get to work and prepare themselves), but they’ll be picked for the job they applied for.

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Your sharp mind will be able to retain the broader and most important concepts from a specific matter. Take this opportunity to read and find information on healthy eating.

On a physical level, Mars’s tension can give you cervical pain if you don’t have the right posture while working on your desk or lifting weights.