Pisces Tuesday on a night sky background

You feel very comfortable in your bubble of solitude - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Exercise your brain during your free time wih apps to play sudoku or crosswords


Yesterday’s lack of communication will make you want to be alone today.  You’ll lock yourself up in your own bubble of solitude, the one that makes you feel comfortable, and where you’ll explore new knowledge. Although you also won’t want to pay too much attention to deep matters. You’ll prefer the easy entertainment offered by TV shows based on the lives of famous people.

Therefore, your partner will feel they’re bothering you, but they won’t be able to fully understand that you also need time to yourself. You must be careful, because this could become some sort of war where lack of communication could undermine your relationship.

Single Pisces, feeling more open to love, will be the one to take the first step and send a message to that person you’ve been trading “likes” with. You won’t be as impulsive as last week, and this will allow you to show your more romantic side.

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You won’t be happy when your supervisor announces the preparation of a new event to promote team spirit, and to get to know your colleagues better.  Unfortunately, you won’t be able to wriggle out of it, but you’ll end up having a much better time than you expected and, you’ll even make some new friends.

You have prepared a list of things you’ll buy as soon as you get paid. Some are necessary, and others are whims. You haven’t left space for saving and you’re not worried about potential unforeseen circumstances. We’ll see if you still think like that in a few weeks.


Make the most of your free time while on public transport or while you’re waiting for someone, to play sudoku or crosswords, you don’t need to have them in paper, there are numerous apps that allow you to play on your phone.

If you’d like to do some volunteering, but can’t right now, you should think about donating blood. It’s an altruistic action that allows you to help others and doesn’t take up much of your time.

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