Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

Remember that your body somatises repressed feelings - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, July 23, 2020

With Venus in Gemini we keep expressing our love through words and in conversations


Venus in Gemini isn’t giving you passionate romance yet, but it does give you plenty of communication. This is what you’ll have in your relationship today, many conversations and exchanges of ideas. All of them will be peaceful and relaxed, even with some curiosity to discover new things about the other person. But there won't be arguments or conflict.

Single Pisces will try to tackle a not very ethical challenge, such as flirting with a married person, and they’ll enjoy a racy conversation. You must know that nothing will come of this as today is not a good day to start relationships.

Your area of friendships is still tense, and you might get a message telling you off for not showing up to a date you’d arranged, and which you’ve forgotten about completely.

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Be careful not to fall into the trap of those businesses which are advertised online as “working for yourself, from home or travelling around the world, doing very little and earning a lot”. This is false advertising and most likely a con. If you want to work from home, there are many online businesses nowadays, make sure that the choices you make are viable.

If you’ve found a job recently, you might find yourself in a precarious situation, having to work unpaid overtime.  If you have no choice but to continue working there, be careful and record the conversations with your bosses, and the times you clock in and clock out.

An order you placed abroad is likely to be stuck in customs, and you’ll be required to pay custom duties to be able to get it.


A professional/work matter will keep you up at night tonight.  There’s a pending conversation with an authority figure which you’ve been avoiding for a while. You don’t want a confrontation, but there’s an important matter that you must solve.

If you keep putting off that chat you might end up getting ill. Remember that your body somatises repressed feelings.