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You'll worry about what others think of you - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, January 23, 2021

In the area of your home, if you're going through a minor illness, you'll notice great improvement


Some Pisces have been focusing exclusively on their needs, which has made them disconnect form their surroundings and their loved ones. This energy begins to change and you’ll notice how you start getting closer to your loved ones again, from a new standpoint. Your personal and spiritual development will allow you to listen to and support your loved ones from a wiser and more elevated perspective, without losing your humility.

Some thoughts about needing to find a better partner will vanish when you realize these reflections were coming from your ego. A more realistic point of view will help you appreciate your loved one’s personality as a whole, rather than just fixating on their defects (as you’ve been doing these past few days.

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You’re worries about your image in your company.  But you really shouldn't, as, for your bosses, your name equals responsibility, hard work, teamwork and creativity. You’ll enjoy a very good reputation at work, don’t worry, Pisces.

You know how to earn the trust of your colleagues, supervisors and collaborators without having to suck up to anyone. And, although not everybody likes this (you can’t be liked by everyone) they respect you for being authentic. If a promotion is on the line, you have great chances of getting it.

Pisces who have their own company or business will have to work extra hard to finish everything on time.


Some discomfort or mild illness will seem to vanish almost completely this Saturday.  You’ll notice a feeling of relief from your pain, as your body is coping better with it. This will also help you feel more relaxed on a mental level and will help you regain your good mood.

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