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You'll have great vitality and very sharp eyesight - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, December 23, 2020

You'll be authoritarian in your love life and this will drive your partner crazy


The conjunction of the moon with Mars will make you very authoritative and self-confident. Far from scaring your partner off, what it will create is a strong sexual attraction. You might be the one to take the initiative in your private life by being dominant, which is something you’d never dared explore before but which you’ll enjoy.

However, you need to respect your boundaries and ask before you try new things, you’ll have a tendency to be impulsive and do your own thing. It’s about both of you enjoying.

Those who are single will enjoy life with no strings attached and they will even rub it in their friends’ faces. You’ll be fascinated by the unusual, but it’ll be less pleasant than you expected.

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On a professional, work and finances level, you’ll have the ability to get to the bottom of thing or problems in a calm but realistic manner, without beating around the bush. Which is very beneficial if you had to clarify things in your own company or learn everything about an investment you’re thinking of doing.

Plus, you’ll have great focus, and you’ll use your willpower intelligently.  You won’t waste time nor will you get distracted at work, you’ll go straight to the point and you might even finish the day’s tasks earlier than expected.

Pisces who has a business with one or more partners might experience a dissolution due to their desire for freedom and to do things their way without having to answer to anyone.


The moon-Mars aspect also gives you a very sharp eyesight; don’t be surprised if today you can read signs from far away which you didn’t use to be able to read, or if you can read a book without your glasses.

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