Pisces Horoscope Tuesday 2020

You'll want to improve your immediate surroundings - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The astral energies will make you more dreamy and idealistic than usual


The harmonious aspect of the moon and Venus will give you tender moments with your partner, especially in your sex life. You’ll both enjoy being closer and sharing a spiritual bond. It’s a good time to remind your loved one how much you admire them and all the things you love about them (both physically and personality-wise).

Single Pisces might find love in a co-worker or gym buddy. However, they must be willing to open up and be vulnerable. Otherwise, it will be a frivolous relationship and the other person won’t be interested in this.

You’ll realize that, at times, you daydream about the person you love. You’ll imagine a love story with a happy ending, like a Disney film. It is true that you're a very dreamy person, but the influence of the stars will enhance your sensitivity and romanticism.

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At work, you’ll be self-confident. You’ll want your work to improve your life but also that of those around you.  That is, your underlings, colleagues, clients and, even, your bosses.

You’ll share your thoughts and a pacifist and moral tone; you’ll bring your willpower and honesty to the when talking of potential investments or projects. Your temperance will be enviable, and nothing will be able to annoy you.

Any investments you make today will yield profit, especially if they involve companies whose goal is to make the world a better place.

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Your lungs will be very sensitive and, through a chesty cough, will let you know that you have to stop smoking or vaping.  Otherwise, the planetary alignments could bring a serious illness caused by this bad habit.

You’ll have a special talent to delve into the world of astrology or tarot. You’ll understand better all the information you look up on occult subjects. Use this energy to sort out doubts about yourself and your choices.

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