Pisces Horoscope Thursday 2020

You'll put walls up to protect your feelings - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, October 22, 2020

Make sure you have time to take a break, Pisces, you need it


People’s sensitivity will be heightened today, so you need to weigh your words carefully, Pisces.  You might hurt feelings left, right and centre. You will also feel more vulnerable but your way of tackling this will be by being even blunter. Don’t they say that the best defence is an offence? In order to avoid your own feelings, you’d rather be blunt in your conversations than to open up your heart.

This will make you feel somewhat isolated from others, even your loved ones. You’ll opt for silence whenever you can, and your interactions will be superfluous and ordinary. If you need to talk about any subjects that worry you, you’ll do it with your partner or best friend, although very superficially and without going into much detail.

For those who are single this will mean sheltering in their self-love and leaving big answers to questions that have been hanging for tomorrow.

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Hard work (which isn't the same as boring work) will start yielding results, little by little.  Doors that you wanted to cross, and which were closed to you will finally open. You’ll have to control your anxiety and excessive joy to prevent appearing like a child opening his birthday presents. Otherwise, your new connections might see you as someone who lacks focus and who's not professional.

If you’re expecting an important phone call, it will happen today. Don’t pick up too fast or the other person might think you spend your day looking at your phone and, when it comes to a potential job, this isn’t an ideal trait.

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You need to take a break to lower your anxiety levels. At work you should stop as often as necessary and take a few deep breaths. You’ll make up for the lost time tomorrow.

On a physical level, a stuffy nose might assail you at night, after coming into contact with colleagues or friends who have a cold.