Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You'll come out on top during negotiations - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, July 22, 2020

The sun in Leo shines on your area of work. A new period starts where you'll pour a lot of time and effort into your work


The entrance of the Sun in Leo gives you a loving attitude towards your partner.  You’ll be able to express yourself calmly, almost poetically, which will give you certain elegance that your soul mate will love. You’ll want to make them a gift purely to make them happy.

Those who are single and in love must know that today is the right day to profess their love for that special someone. The sky’s aspects will turn that budding relationship into an inseparable pair.

Your child will go through a period of duel caused perhaps by the loss of a pet or because a close friend has had to move far away. Pisces, talk to them and empathize with their feelings without downplaying them, you must teach them that pain is a part of life, but that no one is ever gone completely if we remember them in our hearts.

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The Mercury and Uranus sextile gives you positivity in any negotiations: whether it's bartering, setting a new commercial agreement in place, improving the terms of a mortgage or loan, etc.

If you have your own business, you’ll also notice this energy when you see the till at the end of the day. Keep that money to pay some outstanding payments to suppliers, don’t spend it on unnecessary things.

Entrepreneurs will be able to use their communication skills to get new financial or material resources for their company.


You shouldn't feel ashamed of going to a psychologist, cast stereotypes aside.  If you have a toothache, do you not go to the dentist? Well, if you have feelings that you don’t know how to handle, or if you’re going through a crisis which you can't seem to get over, you should go to a professional in this field. Going to therapy will help you understand yourself better and heal.