Reduce your hectic pace and haste - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, January 22, 2021

Careful with donations and cash presents, they rarely come with no strings attached


The good aspects between the moon, Venus and your regent, Neptune, indicate a day where love will be the most important thing for you. But remember that can’t always conquer all or be above all. The thing is, you need to find balance between your head and your heart. Because if both sides aren’t in agreement you’ll suffer from emotional instability.

You need to talk to your close friends and relatives about how you feel in your relationship. Perhaps you’ll hear certain things that you know they’re right about but which you still refuse to accept, whether about your partner or about yourself.

Single Pisces will also need advice, suggestions and warnings if they want their next conquest or relationship to yield the fruits they expect to receive.

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On a professional level, there’ll be a good atmosphere between bosses and employees. Mutual support and the cohesion of the team will manage to help you achieve all of today’s goals.

The money you receive today will be through your partners, if you have businesses with others. It would seem that some are being more generous than usual, but this won’t come with no strings attached. Although they now say it is for the good of the company, further down the line they will ask for something in exchange.

Your priorities are changing (or have already changed), and money is not one of them. Perhaps you feel a resemblance to a desert in that new sea that appears before you. Find what’s most important for you right now and focus your attention on it.


The stars remind you to take your foot off the gas, both metaphorically and literally, if you’re going to be driving. Lower your stress levels by taking breaks. Haste isn’t a good adviser, and it makes you miss out on the small pleasures and beauty of life.

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