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You get the green light you were waiting for - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, February 22, 2021

Be skeptical about what you're told by new contacts you meet online


Nowadays, meeting people through dating apps is very common, but there are a lot of nasty people who use those profiles to find something other than love.  Your good and compassionate heart might make you soften in the face of sob stories. We won’t tell you what to do, Pisces, but we recommend you distrust anyone who asks you to disclose sensitive personal data, to borrow money to “top up their mobile data balance” or to send them nudes.

If you have small children and they have access to the internet, you should use parental control apps.

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You finally get the green light you’ve been waiting for to get a project rolling, or a change of job. It won’t necessarily be someone else who tells you about it (though it might be), you’re also likely to be very clear about where you want to begin or which decision to make, and you’ll get to work on it. Trust in yourself, in your skills and in your values, it will be the most important thing in this new path.

On a professional or work level, take into account that applying old solutions to old problems will no longer work for you. You’ll have to look for a new perspective about how to tackle those setbacks, so you can sort them out.

Some payments of supplies might be denied by your bank due to lack of funds or due to an oversight on your part. Although you won’t like it, you’ll have to spend quite a while sorting out these matters.


You’ll listen to your body and you’ll give it what it needs: an abundant but healthy meal, a walk, a nap, some time reading... You’ll do anything that helps you feel better about yourself and your wellbeing will improve.

The health of Pisces who have serious illnesses will improve slightly.

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