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Perhaps you need legal help with a debt - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The opportunity arises for your relationship to grow and evolve favourably, make the most of it!


The resources in your relationship (material assets and joint finances) will take the centre stage and problems might arise due to differences in opinion regarding how to invest it. Without meaning to, this subject will lead to another: intimacy and sexual intercourse, which will also be analysed and there might be reproaches regarding the frequency and duration of your intercourse, or your different preferences, etc.

Both will be serious and somewhat rocky matters if they’re not treated gently and respectfully. It’s about practising active listening and trying to reach agreements that benefit both parties in the relationship. In truth, it’s a great opportunity to grow and evolve as a couple. Be open to change, but don’t go beyond your boundaries just to please the other person.

Single Pisces will be very focused on their career and they won’t want to waste time looking for love. It will come when it comes.

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It’s not the right time to incur debtor to try and borrow funds which you’ll struggle to pay further down the line.  Your finances won’t be very strong, and this will halt some of your projects and reduce your budget for Christmas purchases. If a client owes you money and you can't get them to pay, the time has come to get serious and get a solicitor involved.

Those who are employed are likely to be informed of a reduction or freezing of their salary due to the financial losses experienced by the company they work for during the last quarter. You won’t be the only one, and you might find yourself leading your department’s workers’ rights protests.


When you’re invited to do yoga you might picture a very slow and boring exercise. But did you know there are 7 different types of yoga? One of them is sure to meet your needs!

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