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The moon, Neptune and Pluto boost your mystical side - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, September 21, 2020

Your couch and your mobile phone will be your allies during this lazy Monday which will be full of reflection and introspection

Pisces Horoscope Monday, 21 September 2020
Your Pisces Horoscope for Monday, September 21, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


In spite of it being a day where everyone will want to be outside all the time, for various different reasons, you, Pisces, won’t share this feeling. You’ll enjoy your home and family in privacy because you’ll barely want to leave the house.

You’ll delegate all tasks to your partner, and, at times, you’ll be immersed in your own thoughts. This might bother your spouse, especially if you have children, as it will be a rather hectic day and they’ll need you to pull your weight.

If you need some time for yourself it will be better if you organize it. Agree with your partner to set an hour today where you can be left alone with your thoughts. But don’t abuse their goodwill.

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Lately money seems to accumulate and disappear from your current account. If you look at the graph it will be like looking at a roller-coaster.

Fortunately, Pisces, these past few days you’ve been able to spend more than expected without having to worry. But the time has come to sit down and plan your finances after the big expense of school materials. A budget and savings plan will come in handy to save everything you need for Christmas.

The moon in an aspect to Neptune and Pluto will influence you so you can sleep more at home. Therefore, it will be a day where you won’t have to spend on anything.

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It’s a great day to expand your knowledge and to carry out spiritual practices. A guided meditation or reading a book that allows you to connect with your true essence will help you feel whole.

Observe everything that’s happening around you. Even observe how you’re feeling, as it’ll have a lot to do with your karma.

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