Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You'll know how to anticipate other people's wishes - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, October 21, 2020

It's a beneficial day for the Pisces who work with cutting edge technology and maths


You’ll be able to get ahead of your partner’s movements in your sex life, and you’ll do everything they want without them needing to say a word.  You’ll have something like a psychic power to know what they want and where they want it at all times. You’ll both be open to being creative and to trying new positions that you hadn’t dared try up until now.

Playing board games as a family will be ideal for you. Whether it’s answering questions or playing card games, you’ll win every time. You can use this advantage to get your children to tidy up their rooms. “The loser will have to tidy up and clean their room” is one of the bets you’ll be able to make.

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You have very positive energy in your area of investments, finances and social power. Your mind will be very intuitive but also very sharp for understanding or choosing more technical, innovative and mathematical options. You’ll want to be up to date with the latest technological innovations and apply them to your job.

Your sixth sense will be sharpened, and you’ll know how to pick investments that will be the most profitable in the short-term. You’ll have nerves of steel and you won’t be dominated by other people’s opinions.

For this reason, today all Pisces who work in programming, maths, IT networks, architecture or the stock market will be benefited today.

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You’ll have a kit if magnetism and energy.  And it might happen that when you’re out and about you might make lights how out without even touching them.

Any psychic abilities you possess will be enhanced. So, it’s a good time to investigate your birth chart or to consult an oracle.

On a physical level, your respiratory system will be weakened. Avoid the pollution of the city, and the fumes from factories, as well as that which comes from tobacco.