Pisces Horoscope Saturday 2020

It's a night of challenges and laughter with friends - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, November 21, 2020

You'll fall into the sweet and unhealthy temptation of buying a bag full of sweets or chocolates


With the moon in Aquarius, in a good aspect with Mercury, you’ll have great desire to socialize and connect with new people.  There’ll be unexpected meetings with friends and many surprises might arise in these groups. Go with the flow and let your intuition guide you if someone catches your eye.

If you’re in a relationship, you’ll also want to make plans with more people where you can talk about other subjects and laugh until you cry. You might even go out to dinner separately, each of you with your friends, and meet up somewhere else afterwards to continue partying.

Pisces, how about inviting your siblings or cousins over? You can always tell funny anecdotes from your childhood and have all eyes on you. Plus, it will help you strengthen your family bonds.

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You’ll know how to budget and not overspend (although you’ll self-impose a tight budget, so you’ll tighten your belt, and you’ll stick to it). Don’t worry, you’ll have no shortage of invitations for drinks, and you’ll promise to repay them at a later date.

Whether you’re working or off work, creativity will come knocking and will be playing in your mind all day, giving you great ideas to put into practice in your vocation or job, if you have a high ranking position.

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You’ll fall into the temptation of buying sweets when you walk by a store filled with sweets or chocolates. Try to ration them, don’t eat them all in one go. You should also try to avoid eating in front of others, or come night-time you’ll barely have a couple left, as everyone will be giving you lost puppy looks in order to get some candy.

Careful with peer pressure to undertake certain tasks, you might hurt yourself because of challenges starting with the phrase “I dare you to...”