Pisces Saturday on a sky background

Control your impulsiveness or you'll scare off your suitors - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, March 21, 2021

Most of your business projects or financial goals are utopic, be more realistic


During this last month you’ve been very focused on yourself and your identity, and on how you fit in with your group of friends or community. Your partner has been feeling neglected and you notice that an imminent breakup is approaching.

In this case, the energy give to you by Aries might be counter-productive and, instead of asking and listening, you might start throwing snarky comments as a reply. Your ego will think you must “win” on order to be “superior”, but the only thing you’ll achieve is to ruin everything. If you think you need to, you should seek the help of a couples’ therapist to help you communicate and understand each other.

Pisces will horrify their potential love interests with their impulsiveness and narcissism. But they will find someone who will be on the same page as them. At first this will seem great, but over time your personalities will clash too much, and it could end up becoming a toxic relationship.

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You’re a born dreamer, the biggest one of the whole Zodiac! And this doesn’t just translate to your love life, but also to your professional and financial aspects. You may not want to admit this, but some of your projects and plans are utopic. You must be aware of your limitations; of the society you live in and of the moment in history where you find yourself.

Saturn asks you to listen to its advice and be more conservative and austere in this sense. Put your feet on the ground and plan more realistic goals, this way you won’t spend so much time being frustrated over unachievable goals.


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