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You'll share your ramblings with your beloved - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, July 21, 2020

It's the perfect time to sign up for a course or higher studies so you can improve professionally


Today romance will reign thanks to the moon in Leo. Plus, with the South Node in Sagittarius, you’ll have conversations with your partner about the meaning of life and you’ll enjoy philosophising about the reason behind our existence. Rambling and sharing your beliefs will be an enriching experience for both of you.

Those who are single will be very positive today, setting new goals and objectives in life for their personal matters. Love will fade into the background as you’ll be more focused on yourself.

It will be a great day for having adventures with your children. Going to a park with zip wires or climbing walls is an original idea and you’ll have a great time.

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With Mars activating your area of higher studies, you’ll feel the urge to sign up to a course linked to your area to expertise, in order to expand your knowledge. This is always a good idea, as nowadays technology and information progress very quickly, and you need to be up to date with your field’s latest developments.

There are many free online courses offered by universities, they’re called MOOC. This is a way to learn from home (which offers great flexibility) and it will save you some money.

You should have more self-control when spending money. What's the point of making a financial plan at the beginning of the month for expenses and savings if you don’t stick to it, Pisces?

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There’ll be something around you that will give you allergies. You’ll spend the whole day clutching your handkerchief, ready to be used every 5 minutes. Your eyes will be tearing up and your face will be itchy the whole day. Go to the chemist to get an antihistamine to help you cope better with those symptoms.

The moon in Leo in your area of health will give you energy, vitality and optimism.