Pisces Sunday on a sky background

You'll be complimented on the way you work - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, February 21, 2021

You've been putting it off to avoid conflict, but it's time to claim the money you're owed


Humour and sarcasm will mark the romantic relationships of Pisces this Sunday. You’ll especially use it to make some passing snide remarks and reproaches about the things that bother you about your partner. But these won’t be serious matter but, rather, mundane ones such as, for example, leaving the toilet seat up or not throwing away the cardboard from the toilet roll after it’s done, leaving socks everywhere, chewing with their mouth open, etc. But be ready because you’ll also receive this kind of message, so don’t take offence.

If you use dating apps and haven’t found love, perhaps you should check your beauty standards. Maybe go for someone less flashy but with an interesting or fun profile, you’ll be surprised!

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When you talk about work or professional projects with your close ones, you’ll realize that their opinion of you in this area is very positive.  You’ll be bursting with pride, but it won’t go to your head. It will be like being told “well done”.

But contrast will be offered by that old business partner or colleague you used to work with, who owes you money. They will keep giving you excuses and will refuse to settle their debt. If you have documents which can prove this, then perhaps the time has come to make a formal complaint.


Pisces who have their birthday in February will feel a bit more deflated than those whose birthday is in March. The stars are still tense, and you’ll feel comfortable in the comfort and solitude of your home.

But don’t let the day pass you by, having your birthday is a milestone that means you’re still alive! Make an effort and, if you can, try to get together with your nearest and dearest so they can sing you the happy birthday song.

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