The Pisces sign

Adventure and risk will go hand in hand - Pisces Horoscope for Monday, December 21, 2020

Soend one hour organizing your task by priority and urgency, this way you'll load off some information and you won't feel so overwhelmed


The astral atmosphere invites you to leave aside your overwhelming consumerism and to spend an afternoon where you can play at being an explorer, like Indiana Jones! Tell your partner to pack a bag and look for somewhere nearby where you can explore a cave, grotto, castle or abandoned building. The more legends and stories about that place, the more interesting the expedition will be. However, you must first make sure that it’s safe to enter.

And if you like the world of the paranormal, a haunted place or house where there have been ghost or UFO sightings, where psychophony can be heard or where strange presences have been felt, it will be the best!

If you have children, a park full of zip lines and rope bridges connecting the trees will fill you with the spirit of adventure.

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The arrival of Mercury and the sun in Capricorn will make you think of all the outstanding tasks you have for this week from the moment you wake up.  About how you’re going to distribute your workload and what calls you need to make in order to close agreements and get new clients. Relax Pisces, make a list of priorities and start one item at a time.

If you finally decide to spend the afternoon outside of the house (or the day, if you're on holiday) you’ll make sure you prepare food and snacks at home so you don’t have to buy anything or spend at restaurants. Some sandwiches, drinks, and dried fruits and nuts for a snack will sort out your day without having to spend a penny.


Mars in the quadrant with Pluto will give you great energy, a desire to not give up in the face of anything, and a moderate taste for taking risks. This is okay so long as you don’t expose yourself too much and you don’t underestimate the danger, plus, if you’re not alone you should take into consideration other people’s limitations, if they can’t keep up you might get frustrated.

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