Pisces Saturday on a sky background

A disappointment becomes a funny anecdote - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, March 20, 2021

After planning, during your period, how you want the next year to be, the time for action has come


Reality will hit single Pisces on the face when they realize they had built very high expectations regarding a potential love interest. The thing is, when you text everything seems idyllic, but when you’re face to face, you’ll see the other person’s customs and habits. Plus, people always look better in pictures, and most pictures have touch ups. Your love interest will turn out to be neither as smart nor as attractive as you thought they were.

So, after this disappointment, the best thing will be to seek comfort in your friends. You’ll probably all end up criticising that person, but only jokingly, without insulting them. Afterwards you’ll feel a bit better, and the experience will become an anecdote.

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A new astrological year begins, and your season ends, Pisces. It’s time to move on to action and take the necessary steps to achieve this year’s goals. You’ll feel self-confident and your attitude will be kind and polite. This combination can get you that new job you need.

You’ll feel you need a change of environment, to move somewhere more connected if you don’t already live in a big city. This is a very impulsive feeling, and it will vanish in a few days, so don’t start packing just yet.

This is a day of very strong energy which you can make the most of to do your rituals of abundance and self-love.

An unforeseen tax might throw your budget off balance. This will have an impact on your budget until the end of the month.


Your social life will negatively impact your health, making you relapse in old addictions or unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking too much.  Today you won’t torture yourself and you’ll even enjoy it, but tomorrow you’ll be drowning in guilt.

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