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You highly value your intimate and personal life - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, January 20, 2021

The astrak energies predict a tough day for Pisces who will need a break and a lot of love to get through it


Some financial problems will cause conflicts and clashes in your family, and you’ll go through a bad situation in this area. You’ll also be clear in some ways, including who is to blame, although pointing fingers won’t serve in any way if there is no solution to the problem.

Confrontations will be tense and you’ll have to make an effort not to cross the line. Even then your position will be unchangeable, and perhaps sides will start forming, which won’t help you find solutions. But, since this won’t affect you directly as you had already warned people of the consequences, you won’t want to hear another word of it.

On a romantic level, the energy is very different. Both if you’re in a relationship and if you’re in the middle of a conquest, you’ll focus on making your other half happy.

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That which makes you happy at work, will seem to have no effect on you today. Your goals, colleagues, that mid-morning coffee you like so much... Nothing. It will be like nothing’s working, and you’ll feel empty and dissatisfied.

To make matters worse, the astral energies predict that the financial profits won’t be proportional to the effort you’ve made. Others also won’t be able to help you, and you’ll have to face this situations and feelings on your own.

The upside will be that by the time you finish work and get home, you’ll value your private and personal life.


Unfortunately, there won’t be good omens in your health, as there are many chances of you feeling rather weak, generally speaking.  Pisces, you might feel exhausted and some nervous ticks, such as grinding your teeth, might make you feel even more overwhelmed.

The source of this exhaustion is the huge effort you've been making at work, and the tense atmosphere at home. Having set breaks and moving away from the eye of the storm at home will help you feel better.

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