Pisces Saturday on a sky background

A new love appears in the most unexpected of places - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, February 20, 2021

The health of a relative you were worried about improves, and you'll be glad about it


This weekend predicts stable energies filled with love for Pisces. The moon shines in your area of the home and communication, although it’s still not entirely fluid, but it will improve considerably. This Saturday the day appears romantic, tender, filled with displays of affection, caresses and hugs. There will also be room for passion and even fetishism.

Those who are single will also enjoy these energies and will meet someone new in the unlikeliest of places. You almost won’t be able to hide how much you like that person, but if you make it too easy for them, they’ll lose interest almost instantly. Use some irony and alternating it with a cheeky attitude will work wonderfully for you.

Pisces who are trying to reconcile with their ex will realize that there’s a third party interfering with their goal.

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Some social gatherings might turn into intense business and investment conversations. You’ll feel very uncomfortable if other raise their voices and you’ll try to mediate to make the atmosphere more relaxed. Although, unfortunately, your attempts will be fruitless. So, the best thing will be to listen and stay out of it.

Diplomacy and courtesy will get you out of a pickle caused by a dissatisfied customer. Your supervisor will trust your world and will deal with that annoying customer as best as possible.

Your haste to buy things online will get you in trouble. You might unintentionally order the same item twice or pick a garment or item in a bigger size than intended. You won’t have problems returning it when you receive it, but it will take a while for the money to go back to your account.


A relative who had serious health issues is improving, and this will make you happy.  Sharing this joy with your loved ones will make all of you feel very fortunate. The thing is, if there’s one thing we’ve learned over these past few months, is that your health is the most important thing.

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