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Your romantic crisis vanishes and becomes happiness - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, December 20, 2020

The moon in your sign and its positive emotions will fill you with physical vitality


This Sunday’s astral atmosphere will benefit single Pisces who are in love with a friend. Today is the perfect day to declare your love, plus, the conjunction of the moon with Neptune will enhance your romantic side, so it will be something worthy of a Hollywood film. The answer you’ll receive will be a joyful and thrilled yes. Congratulations!

Those who are in a relationship will finally come to the end of their crisis, being able to have a good time with their life partner once again. Plan a day where you can go places where you’ve been happy together. This will remind you of the good times and will breach the gap for good.

Therefore, your current relationships will be able to evolve to a superior level, on a more even playing field.

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Mercury in conjunction with the sun might cloud the path of good investments, leaving you to follow only your hunches. It’s okay to actively listen to your intuition, but not having rational and practical thinking on your side, you might be making a grave mistake with your finances and savings by investing impulsively.

You’ll consolidate new alliances and commercial deals with new partners. But make sure you are all putting in the same amount of money, and that the duties are split evenly.

The main thing will be to elaborate a long-term strategy for this business and to follow it up with hard work and persistence. If your company has human capital, you should cultivate a loving relationship with your employees from the beginning.


The moon on your sign together with a happier and more tranquil mind frame will reactivate your physical health. You’ll have more vitality and a greater desire to move (not just physically but also geographically).

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