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Saving for a trip becomes your priority - Pisces Horoscope for Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The atmosphere with your family and children will be very positive and your communication fluid and efficient


Pisces who are in a budding relationship won’t know how to clearly see the boundaries of what the other person considers a betrayal. Talking to an ex? Flirting for sport? Having loveless flings? All of these things should be clarified as soon as possible, because if your partner’s view differ from yours, you’ll be very unlikely to reach an agreement.

Pisces will also have to talk about an important matter in order to make a decision (although it won’t be a transcendental one). You’ll think you’re the sole holder of the truth, and your partner won’t be willing to give in. Perhaps you should seek an intermediary to help you reach an agreement.

On the contrary, your communication will be fluid with your children and other relatives, if you need to give orders others will follow them, and they’ll help you with all the chores at home.

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The moon in Libra will give you a balanced attitude, making you a moderator at work. Although you’ll have to be careful as you’ll be very chatty, and this might get you into trouble. Leave chats for your breaks and focus on finishing your tasks.

You’ll want to save as much as possible in order to satisfy your desire to travel over the next few months. Obsessing overspending as little as possible is “healthy, so long as you don’t start abusing other people’s kindness and their favours. That is to say, you can go for a meal at a relative’s house from time to time but having lunch over there every day to save up on food is ridiculous and very annoying for others.


If you don’t want to cook at night, you could look up simple and light recipes that catch your eye. Because having pizza for dinner and then going straight to sleep is very detrimental to your health. Plus, this will prevent you from falling asleep and resting properly. Large meals are better if you have them at noon.

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