The Pisces sign surrounded by stars

You seek to have inspiring conversations - Pisces Horoscope for Saturday, January 2, 2021

If there was someone missing at the table during the celebrations, and you felt sad, you might feel a bit overwhelmed today


You’ll have great desire for leisure, and to share your knowledge and opinions with your friends and close acquaintances, but you’ll do so from a loving, likeable and inspiring position. But you’ll be firm in your ideas and mindset. Any information you didn’t know about the latest global developments will spark your curiosity, and you’ll listen intently to the experiences and cases of those around you.

On a romantic level, the harmonious aspect between Venus, Mars and the moon predict a Saturday full of kind and romantic words between Pisces who are in a relationship and those who want to win over a heart.

Sexual intimacy will be full of laughter and caresses, with lots of foreplay and a great exploration of carnal pleasure.

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The stars bless the following professions with their positive energy: philosophers, religious people (priests, monks, etc.), writers, editors, educators and people who work in public relations.

Teamwork will agree with you, giving you ideas and solutions which will positively influence the ongoing projects at work. If you can, you’ll want to be a part of projects, organizations or business societies that are pioneers in social improvements and whose products or services are aimed at improving the quality of life of the general population.

You might get great commercial deals thanks to your assertive communication and courage, which will materialize next week. These will be very fruitful agreements which will soon turn into tangible assets.


At times, external circumstances have a shocking way of reminding us of what’s truly important: our health and love (whether it’s romantic love, family love or friendships).  If you’ve felt overwhelmed and sad these past few days, you should be grateful for all the good things around you, and this will ignite the spark of happiness in your mind.

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