Pisces Horoscope Sunday 2020

Your cloudy mind will get you in a pickle - Pisces Horoscope for Sunday, August 2, 2020

You'll discover not all your colleagues like you, some are trying to ostracize you


A misunderstanding with your partner will leave you cold and distant all day long. It’s a shame, as you’ll be wasting an opportunity to keep creating strong bonds this Sunday. The stars are tense, so don’t take things too seriously, because if you jump at every little thing you might end up causing a breakup, and over something really silly! It’s not worth it, Pisces.

If you have children, you’ll hear the phrase “you just don’t get me” very often. It’s better to give them some space and not suffocate them. If you argue with them the only thing, you’ll accomplish will be for them to close up completely. Tomorrow, when they’re calmer, they’ll be the ones to approach you for a chat.

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One of your colleagues will upload a picture of quite a few of your co-workers having a drink together.  And you weren’t invited! This is because one of the persons in the picture is jealous of you. They can’t stand not being the centre of attention and for this reason, they asked the others not to invite you, because you tent to have all eyes on you due to your interesting opinions and points of view.

Carelessness will make you ruin your favourite designer shirt. You’ll accidentally put it in the washing machine together with a red one. When you go to hang it on the line, you’ll realise it’s now got pink patches, and to think of how long you saved to be able to buy it!

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Intimate health is very important. It’s never pleasant to show your private parts to a stranger but, if you feel discomfort and pain when sitting down, you need to see a specialist. Let go of all prejudice, the doctor who examines you is a professional who is there to ensure you make a swift recovery.

Mentally speaking it will be a confusing day, and you won’t be able to catch a break in most tasks or conversations you partake in. You’ll wish you could just disappear more than once.

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