Pisces Horoscope for Friday

You become excited about a personal project - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, April 2, 2021

You don't need to go to a gym to work out, you can do squats at home


You’re good at improvising but, in order to have a weekend full of joy, you should at least have an initial plan and, from then onwards, be creative if you want. Otherwise, your partner and you will spend hours asking each other “what shall we do?” or “where shall we go?”

You’ll feel a bit mentally fatigued after a hectic working week and you’d prefer if your spouse planned the next couple of days. But your other half will be feeling the same way, so you’ll have to make an effort to avoid spending all of your time sitting on the couch watching series.

Those who are single will be smitten at work, it might be a new colleague, or a recruiting officer that will interview you, or the contact for company you collaborate with. What you’ll like the most about this person will be their eyes and perfume.

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The moon in Sagittarius encourages you to be optimistic and cheerful, your good vibe and desire to chat will be a point in your favour at work. You’ll find new connections, points of view, investment or work opportunities, and you’ll strengthen the bond with your business partners and colleagues.

You’re starting an ambitious project which directly impacts your personal life and feels you with excitement. It might be a great reform or personal project on the study of something specific. Whatever it is, the stars indicate all will go well.


If you count the gym fee as wasted money because you never have time to go, you could exercise at home anyway.  Pisces, you don’t need to go somewhere with lots of equipment, you can do crunches or squats at home.

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