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Break the monotony of routine - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, March 19, 2021

Anxiety might weaken your willpower and make you skip your diet


You’ll notice routine has taken over your relationship. You’ve been here before and you think it may have been one of the reasons behind the failure of your past relationships. Your life partner isn’t showing any signs of lack of interest, but you’ll seek creative and fun ways to break the monotony.

You’ll think about fuelling desire and passion by buying sexy lingerie or a kinky costume. The truth is that, although it wasn’t necessary, breaking the routine is always nice.

Single Pisces will consider going to a beauty clinic to get everything ready for the weekend. You’ll want to look your best, just in case you find the love of your life over the next few days. When you leave the beauty clinic, you’ll already feel all eyes on you, but it will be because your face will have angry red patches on it.

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Tomorrow is a great day for signing contracts of any kind, even to get married. If there are juicy deals on the table these days, you should make an appointment with the people involved to close the commitment tomorrow, on the 20th, after 11 AM.

So, you should spend time today going over documents, files and planning, because the action is just about to start.

At work you’ll need help, and you’ll work side by side with your closest colleague. It will be a quid pro quo, as afterwards they will need your help. Perhaps this will delay you at work, but you know that you need to do it.


If you’re on a diet, a moment of anxiety will lead to you stuffing your face with junk food. Double your efforts and willpower to avoid letting your anxiety get the better of you and stay away from vending machines, fast food restaurants and bakeries.

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