Pisces Friday on a sky background

Getting together with friends will make you feel positive - Pisces Horoscope for Friday, February 19, 2021

You'll regain your desire to have a healthy diet, draft a balanced weekly menu!


With the last degrees of Mercury retrograde and the moon in Gemini, from the afternoon you’ll notice you want to distance yourself from your partner for a couple of hours and chat with your friends about what’s been troubling you lately.

Getting distracted from your matters of the heart will give you some breathing room and you’ll return home feeling renewed. Having your own space and socializing will be good for you, it will make you feel positive and this will be reflected on your other rapports.

A lovesick Pisces will feel attracted to two completely opposite people.  As if they were the sun and the moon, each one has their virtues and defects, and you’ll really struggle to pick one.

If you have children, they’ll feel a bit neglected on an emotional level. Talk to them, show them your love and pay more attention to them.

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Those who are studying or have to deliver presentations won’t be having a good day. Your memory and verbal expression will be non-existent, and this might cause some problems with your grades. Making summaries, even making up songs for the subjects will help you remember better.

It would seem that you’re in the phase prior to the expansion of a great project. You might feel afraid of not getting the answers you expect, or because you’ve tried to be too conservative (or the complete opposite, too innovative). This fear is because you’ll step out of your comfort zone, but it will be worthwhile, Pisces, you’ll see.


Your willpower to avoid temptation is still nowhere to be found. But we can already glimpse some remorse, especially when you see the acne you’ll get due to the sugar and fat you’ve eaten recently.

Try to get back on track with a healthy, balanced diet. Draft a weekly menu and put it on the door of your fridge, it will help you achieve this goal.

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