Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 2020

You might be too bossy with others - Pisces Horoscope for Wednesday, August 19, 2020

With the harmonious aspect between the sun and Mars, and the blessing of the new moon, start your new habits today!


Love might blossom between parents who take their children to the same school.  Someone who stands out because of a halo of kindness will catch your eye. This person will be married (and perhaps you are too), as evidenced by the ring on their finger. But this won’t stop you from approaching them and inviting them for a coffee. Careful, Pisces, this tends to be a slippery slope that very rarely has a happy ending.

You’ll want to recover the connection with your children and the best way to do this is to adapt to their habits. Set up their game console and in the living room and get a new game you can enjoy together as a family. It’ll be an unforgettable afternoon for everyone, and you might adopt this as a family habit.

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With the new moon in Leo, this morning a 6-month period starts, where you can work on achieving your desires and on your list of goals for your work, routines and health.  Plus, Mars will give you a lot of initiative, due to which you might take on a position of authority at work. But you’ll have to work on not being too harsh on your colleagues or underlings.

If you’re unemployed, a job opportunity is about to appear. It will be a position which will allow you to expand your creativity, meet new people, learn new concepts and techniques, see other people’s working style and, generally sneaking, it will be very enriching.

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Avoid drinking alcohol, if you're meeting with a friend order an alcohol-free beer, otherwise, it won't agree with you and it might even make you dizzy. But remember that the best option is always to drink water.

With this new moon, it’s the best time of the year to start taking steps towards finally achieving your goals in terms of health and exercise. As well as those linked to your mental health, go for it!