Pisces Thursday on a sky background

Boost your good mood with bright colours - Pisces Horoscope for Thursday, March 18, 2021

Couples continue with their lucky streak, today they'll be able to reach agreements and set specific dates for plans and projects


We foresee very good understanding in Pisces’s relationships. It’s the perfect time to confess your dreams and projects you’d like to materialize to your life partner (if you haven’t done so yet). You’ll also have to intently listen to them. Both of you need to be understanding and not promise anything you won’t fulfil.

You’ll reach agreements and you’ll even be able o set a date for some of these plans.  You’ll feel very satisfied that both of you want to advance as a couple and as individuals. Perhaps this will also require making a new family savings plan.

Those who are single will get on like a house on fire with someone with whom they seem to have nothing in common. You’ll be surprised when you realize that, perhaps, you’re starting to like them.

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Some Pisces, unhappy with the way the Universe has been treating them of late, will be so angry that they’ll use this as excuse to put off their duties and tasks. This will only cause more problems.

Plus, the Universe isn’t doing anything to you. It’s that you, with your vibrations and actions, attract that which you long to get. Blaming the universe or the stars for your misfortune is a way of deceiving yourself. It’s best to focus on reviewing what decisions have led you to the point where you are, and what you can do to change that which you don’t like.


The change of season approaches, and you’ll want to renew your home decor and magic altar, if you have one. You’ll like bright colours that match your nature. This will lift your spirits and boost your good mood.

When it comes to your physical health, pushing your body to the limit, whether at work or when working out, might lead to an injury that will have to be treated by a specialist.

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